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Image: Detail from 2x2 003 with Mimi Hope

For Serious Dance Lovers Up & Down the Country, Respect You! 2x2 is a series of rephotographic prints spanning solarised C-type experiments, screen(mis)prints, and contoured solar etchings. As a duo, we have a long standing interest in the history UK dance culture, its physical manifestations and experiential reality.


The works originate from a flier for “The Awakening”, a 1991 party that took place in Peterborough promising “NON STOP DANCE MANIA”. Our interest in the flier stems from both its form and composition; a sublime natural paradise. The metaphorical implications of the communal spiritual ecstasy promised by early dance parties and its unravelling into their reality.


The work itself address the mass distribution of the original source. We’ve allowed the natural mishaps of traditional print processes to alter and occasionally destroy the image. Our intention throughout is to create difficult pictures, to delay legibility and countenance immediate gratification.

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