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Untitled (Text Piece) consists of a quadraphonic (4.0) audio piece that contains randomly generated sections from a text produced in response to a series of eighty-one randomly generated images from ‘’ (a European news and blogging website). These images are  displayed in the form of a slide projection onto a plane of frosted glass. All audio files, and images have been through a randomisation process via an algorithm created in collaboration with a web developer. They are looped so that at any stage, there are different combinations of audio, text and visual.

Many of the ideas surrounding economic and social victimhood, locating ideology within mass media and corporate interest, and the difficulties of organised political action that are explored within my research cross over into my studio practice. The way that images are constantly recreated, reproduced, and re-contextualised is crucial to the political and corporate exploitation of individuals, and the slippage between image, audio and text in the work, which broadly explores the potential malleability of images.

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